How can I purchase a unit?

Interested home owners can register to be contacted through our “Audacious Journey” section or by registering here.

What kind of food and dining experiences will you be providing at Oakridge?

The new Oakridge will be a culinary destination.  It will feature 100,000 square feet of food and beverage space, including a 50,000 square foot kitchen, 3,700 seats, a rooftop garden, alfresco dining in the 9-acre park, a fresh fish market, and curated seasonal offerings.  Food centric events such as farmers’ markets with fresh flowers, teaching kitchens, community cook-outs, and picnics in the park complete with live music performances.

What performing arts academy will be coming?

We are working with Goh Ballet to finalize their expansion as the Goh Performing Arts Academy at Oakridge. This expansion will bring a world-class performing arts institution and a key cultural contributor into the project, within a flagship location.

How much of the existing mall is being retained in the development plan?

Once complete, the retail component at Oakridge will be almost entirely new construction. However, we have developed a phasing strategy for construction that allows us to keep a substantial portion of the centre open and serve customers throughout the construction process.

Will there be affordable housing options at the new Oakridge?

Oakridge will offer a diverse mix of housing options from studios and one-bedroom suites to family-sized units.  We are building 290 market rental units as well as 290 below market rate units that will be transferred to and managed by the City of Vancouver.

Who will manage the market rental and below market units?

Upon completion, the market rental housing will be leased and managed through our in-house team experienced in residential service and management. The below-market units will be managed by the City of Vancouver.

Which tenants will be included in the future of Oakridge?

Oakridge aspires to be more than world-class; we aim to set the benchmark and redefine experience. The heart of the new Oakridge will be a carefully curated collection of top retailers from around the globe, including unique luxury brands and services, flagship stores and some first-to-market retailers, seamlessly integrated with a world-class culinary experience and outdoor spaces.

Will any existing residential buildings be demolished to make room for this new development?

No existing residential buildings or units will be demolished during the redevelopment of Oakridge.

What are your plans for the park at Oakridge?

Our nine-acre park will be a biodiverse, lush urban forest that creates connections to nature for residents and visitors with a mature canopy of trees on all levels.  We will plant more than 1,000 trees in the park and surrounding landscape. Rainwater will be collected and re-used sustainably for landscape irrigation. Indigenous plants will be showcased. The park will offer access to nature and opportunities to run, walk and play, accommodating all ages and levels of fitness and ability. The park will include a one kilometre running loop, community gardens, playgrounds, on-site agriculture, as well as the addition of a new cycling network that is fully integrated with the city’s existing cycling paths.


What will the new Civic Centre look like?

A 100,000 square foot Civic Centre will be the  institution for the broader Oakridge neighbourhood.  Located on West 41st Avenue, adjacent to the at-grade portion of the community park, the facility will feature the city’s second-largest library, a childcare facility, community centre, senior’s centre and cultural performance and rehearsal spaces.

What provision is being made for workspace in the new Oakridge?

We are designing open and flexible workspaces that cater to the creative industry, deliver more collaborative work environments and are adaptable to changing work habits. We anticipate medical offices will remain in the new development.

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