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Oakridge Centre and the National Gallery of Canada

Oakridge Centre and the National Gallery of Canada

Inspired by paintings in the National Gallery of Canada’s European art collection, Oakridge is proud to present a breathtaking union of high art and high style. This campaign features these masterworks in an entirely new way – and invites you to look more deeply at what a luxury centre can be.

We believe that style should inspire the imagination, that our centre should be a place for culture, community, and discovery. So we are finding new and unique ways to add depth and substance to your time shopping at Oakridge. And this is just the beginning. Only Oakridge is rethinking luxury lifestyle in this way.

Spring 2017 presents Bouquet of Flowers in a Faience Vase, c. 1625  

In this edition of the series, we present a work by Jan Brueghel the Younger (1601-1678), who worked under his father, Jan Brueghel the Elder (1568-1625), in an Antwerp studio famous for its flower pieces and landscapes. This painting is typical of the studio’s style, presenting a collection of flowers which, in reality, bloom at different times of the year. This bouquet thus could not be formed in real life; it is brought together only by the artist’s skill and vision. Specific symbolic flowers, the subtle dragonfly, and other details all add up to a complex and breathtaking composition.  

National Gallery of Canada