We offer four hours of complimentary parking while you shop.

We also provide parking stalls for those with special needs in the majority of all our lots. All of the major entrances have entrance ramps and there is an elevator up from the lower level Safeway parking lot.
At night, we have security available to escort you to your car. We also have free services to help you if you need a boost or if you lock your keys in the car while shopping.

Disabled Parking

Disabled parking stalls are conveniently located at all Centre and department store entrances.

Expectant Mothers Parking

For your convenience Oakridge Centre currently has several “Expectant & New Mother” parking stalls located near the Bay rooftop as well as in the North Parking Lot near the Bay.

Parents with Children Parking

Special parking spots have been designated especially for “Parents With Children”. These stalls are clearly identified near shopping centre and anchor store entrances. These parking stalls are reserved for parents with small children in car seats and strollers.