Unwritten Exhibition Weekly Events

Monday, September 16th

12PM – 2:30PM: Live Piano – Jazz Standards with Mark Hoeppner

3PM – 6PM: Live Piano – Canadian Artists with Beatrice de Trenqualye

Tuesday, September 17th

12PM – 2:30PM: Live Piano – TV/Movie Soundtracks with Sean Allen

3PM – 6PM: Live Piano – Classical with Sanaz Sotoudeh

Wednesday, September 18th

12PM – 3:30PM: Live Piano – Journey Through the Decades with Dale Nichols

4PM – 7PM: Blues with Doc Fingers

Thursday, September 19th

12PM – 3PM: Live Piano – Jazz Standards with Winston Matsushita

4PM – 7PM: Live Piano – Popular/Top 40 with Sean Allen

4:30PM – 5:30PM: Photography 101: Lightroom Editing
Use Lightroom to edit photos the way you want. This class will go over basic edits like crop and filter, as well as advanced tools like healing brush, noise reduction, and presets.

Friday, September 20th

12PM – 3:30PM: Live Piano – Movie Soundtracks with Winston Matsushita

Saturday, September 21st

12PM – 6PM: Clémande x Oakridge: Public Launch
Our latest residential offering at Oakridge is a 17-storey tower featuring fully furnished interiors designed and curated by Clémande Burgevin Blachman from Paris, France. This launch will feature a variety of activities including fashion shows, LEGO competitions, live music, interactive art, and complimentary food and beverages!

Sunday, September 22nd

12PM – 2:30PM: Live Piano – French Contemporary with Sanaz Sotoudeh

3PM – 6PM: Live Piano – Canadian Artists with Beatrice de Trenqualye