What To Expect October 7th – October 20th

*Elevator Upgrades: South Tower (Medical & Dental) elevator is out of service.

2nd Floor: For wheelchair access, please park in P4. For access from ground level, use North Tower elevator (next to White Spot) to 2nd floor and use pedestrian walkway.

3rd Floor: For wheelchair access, please park in P5. For access by foot, please use escalator and stairs. There is no elevator access for 3rd floor.


41st Avenue:

Entrance #1 is CLOSED until further notice. Entrance #2 will serve as the temporary main entrance to the shopping centre.

45th Avenue:

Entrances #7 and #8 are CLOSED. Estimated re-opening in December or early January 2020.

Cambie Street:

All entrances OPEN.

Parking Closures/Rerouting:

The west side of the North Tower parking is CLOSED on all levels P1, P2, P3, P4, and Rooftop.

October 15th – 25th: Roughly 50 parking stalls in the Southwest lot (by Hudson’s Bay) will be CLOSED for underground water main work. Traffic flaggers will be in place to ease congestion. All roadways will remain open.

Please Be Advised:

41st Avenue and Cambie corridors: Due to civil upgrades, please watch your speed as there are many workers near the roadways.

The Cambie Street entrance, stairs, and pedestrian ramp to the Food Court are now closed as we build a new entrance to the shopping centre. We expect to re-open the doors Holiday 2019. For accessibility, please reroute through White Spot entrance/Canada Line Plaza to access Cambie Street.

Cars wanting to travel westbound on 41st Avenue should use Exit #4 onto northbound Cambie Street.

Entrances to the North Tower is CLOSED. Please re-route through South Tower.

Cambie Entrance #3 is ENTER ONLY. Vehicles will be able to exit the parkade in front of the Bay with an option to use 41st Avenue Exit #2 to travel eastbound or drive around the shopping centre to Cambie Exit #4 to proceed north or south on Cambie Street.

Look Ahead:

New street light with westbound access to 41st Avenue will be coming in late 2019.



Please click here to see maps.

Please refer to “Where To Shop” section of our website for the most current store openings and re-locations.