Update: Please note that improvements have been made to the traffic management plan for vehicles travelling Southbound on Cambie; however, delays are still expected. Travelling Northbound on Cambie and turning left on 45th may improve your travel time. Entrance 5 (45th Ave.) is now open.

Southbound Cambie Street:

Ongoing until early 2021 – Southbound Cambie Street lane reduction for City of Vancouver storm and sewer upgrades.

Entrance #3 / Cambie St. at 42nd Ave: 

September 8th to 25th – Entrance #3 CLOSED for municipal storm and sanitary upgrades. Please use Entrance #4 to enter/exit the property.

Entrance #5 / 45th Ave:

NOW OPEN Entrance #5 (on 45th Ave.) is now open. Entrance #4 is another alternate Southbound route to travel on/off the property.

Bus Stops:

Cambie St.
  • Bus stop 50982 will re-open Wednesday, September 16th;
  • Bus stop 50981 will close soon and re-opened for November 2nd; and
  • Bus stop 50621 will close soon and remain closed for the duration of the intersection work. Scheduled re-opening middle of December.

41 St.
  • Bus stops 59305/50136 have been relocated to the east side of Cambie Street. Scheduled to re-open middle of December.

Please click here to see the map.

Please refer to the “Where To Shop” section of our website for the most current store openings and re-locations.

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