What is Boxing Day?

The earliest mention of Boxing Day can be traced back to the 1830s in the UK. It got its name because lords and aristocrats used to give “Christmas Boxes” filled with small gifts, money, and leftovers from Christmas dinner to their servants and employees, in recognition of their hard work on Christmas Day and throughout the year. They would typically also get the day after Christmas off.

Today, Boxing Day has transformed into a big shopping day in the UK and other Commonwealth countries. Many retailers open earlier and offer doorbuster deals. In recent years, the deals have expanded to run through the week.

In Canada, Boxing Day is considered a federal holiday; however, it is not observed in all the provinces and territories. Many people in Canada will have this day off and will spend it shopping enjoying Christmas leftovers with family, and watching hockey.

Did you know? In parts of Atlantic Canada, retailers are prohibited from opening on Boxing Day, leaving sales to start on December 27th instead.

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