Wedding Gift-Giving Guide for Every Bride and Groom

Every time you accept a wedding invitation you’re inevitably faced with the question of what to give, especially when the happy couple you’re shopping for seemingly has everything. If you’re scrambling to purchase a thoughtful wedding gift, you’re in luck. We know a thing or two about finding something perfect for the couple, from where to shop to foolproof gift ideas. Follow these five rules to be the best wedding gift giver ever.

But First, Check the Couple’s Registry

For wedding gifts, don’t get too creative. Most couples want you to choose a gift from their already curated wedding registry. You should have no problem getting creative within the boundaries of their wish list (mention how to get the registry: card or website). The couple set up the registry for a reason, and if you stick to it, you can’t possibly buy a gift they won’t like.

Cash is King

Cash is becoming more and more acceptable in modern wedding tradition. If the couple is already living together, you may want to consider giving them cash or a cheque since they may not need gifts for their home. If the couple also has a honeymoon fund, you can consider giving them cash for their upcoming travels. Cash gifts are often the perfect choice for couples who are saving for something special such as purchasing a home, or a honeymoon. In some cultures, cash is the traditional gift. You can send a monetary gift either directly to the couple or into their financial gift registry.

No Registry, No Problem

If you choose not to give a gift from the registry and depending on how close you are to the couple, choosing a gift that reflects their personality is always a good idea. Many couples also use their wedding as the perfect excuse to finally upgrade their kitchen. Give state-of-the-art kitchen appliance, cookware, barware, and even good old-fashion cookbooks that are as pretty as they are practical.

Honeymoon Travel Gifts

If you know the honeymoon destination the couple will travel to, your gift can be reflective of their destination or the travel itself. Get the couple some stylish luggage tags, new luggage, or passport holders. A nice added touch would be to include the foreign currency of their honeymoon destination.

When to Send Your Gift

Usually, guests will bring their wedding gift on the day of the ceremony. But if you are giving cash, feel free to give it to the couple ahead of their big day. They might be able to use it towards their wedding. If you know you won’t be able to attend the wedding, go ahead and send your gift anytime before the wedding or within two to three months after the ceremony.

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