Trends & Tips To Kissable Lips

Lip Trends

Ombre Lips 

Start with an all over matte lip colour. Add a lip liner several shades darker than the original colour, and then, using a lip brush, blend towards the middle. Finish with a brighter dab of lip colour in the middle. This look can go from subtle pink to a Goth matte!



Popsicle Lips

This trend is easier than you think. Using an underlay of concealer over the lips, add the lip colour into the centre with a brush and blend out (but not right to the edge). Add a high gloss to finish.




Glitter Lips

This look stole the runways this season. Super shiny metallic lips can be achieved by blending an all-day lip colour and a perfectly blended lip powder. Too drying? Many brands have come out with high glitter glosses. Check them out.

Tips To Kissable Lips


Yes, lips are skin, and skin needs hydration. Carry a water bottle with you wherever you go – make it a habit. The skin on your lips is unique to the body – very thin to show blood vessels, giving them a red appearance. It has no oil glands to help protect them from the elements.

Stop Licking Your Lips

Saliva is part of your digestion system and will break down the protective barrier on the skin. Carry lip balm (and a water bottle). Look for something that is hydrating, containing things like shea butter, Vitamin E, or coconut oil. For additional protection, look for a balm with an SPF. If the chapping persists, you may have an allergy to the product, medication, or maybe a food you are eating.


With all the matte lipstick trends now, it’s important that you slough off the dead skin on a regular basis. Matte can really amplify dead skin on your lips. Somewhat like your facial products, they come in both granular and chemical acids. If you have chapped or sensitive skin, you might want to avoid a chemical product. You can also mix using matte lipsticks with something more hydrating.


Bonney Rempel                                                                                                                             A retail expert and a savvy shopper herself, with a keen eye on fashion and all things beauty – from her passion for flower gardening, to her savvy in skin care (she was an aesthetician before all, and it shows), so when it comes to getting and keeping a glow, she’s the one in the know.  Her fashion dictum is “There’s no such thing as being overdressed”.

Kissable Lips

Clinique, “All About Lips” (Available at Hudson’s Bay.)                                                                                       This minimizes evidence of fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage; giving the lip area a smoother, firmer look and feel. 

MAC, “Lip Scrubtious” (Available at Hudson’s Bay.)                                                                                            This scrub is available in 5 flavours. This sugar-based exfoliator gently buffs away dry and flaky skin, and is enhanced by hydrating and nourishing conditioners. 

Rodial, “Lip Scrub” (Available at Murale.)                                                                                                                   A perfect prep for the lips to ensure even, smooth coverage. Sugar-based and enriched with Vitamin E and mango. 





Top Lipstick Colours

Estee Lauder “Pure Colour Envy” in #420 Rebellious Rose

Bobbi Brown “Luxe Lip Colour” Satin Finish in Pink Nude

Chanel “Rouge Allure Lipstick” in No. 58 Audace

Estee Lauder

Bobbi Brown