Supplemental Resolution

We start out each January with the mantra “New Year, New You.” We resolve to start using our gym membership, eat healthier and get into a supplement regime to increase energy and reduce stress… or is that just me? With these resolutions in mind, I asked our resident supplement expert, Alice Chung from Alive Health, about ways to keep these resolutions and the questions you should ask before starting a supplement regime.

While Alive Health has an extensive collection of products, Alice recommended starting with a multi-vitamin that combines minerals with other nutrients. The key? Choosing a good quality, all-natural multi-vitamin. Not all products carry quality active ingredients, so if you’re not sure, ask your sales consultant or pharmacist.

So, you’ve started taking a multi-vitamin – what’s next? Only time will tell! The number one misconception that most people have about adding supplements to their daily routine is that they’ll see a difference overnight. Unfortunately, supplements aren’t like antacids or painkillers – they simply aren’t meant as an immediate solution. Patience is key. Once you are in the routine of consistently taking your vitamin and you start seeing results, Alice recommends considering some key supplements: calcium & magnesium for women, zinc for men, and probiotics all around.

For 2018, our expert recommends:

  1. Probiotics – they’re powerhouses for your gut, so if you have regular, recurring digestive issues, probiotics may be your answer.
  2. CoQ10 – this coenzyme is said to help with heart health and even lowering blood pressure. It’s also said to decrease the frequency of migraines.
  3. Zinc – this mineral is found in many cold remedies for a reason: it helps boost your immune system. As an added bonus, it’s said to help with skin health.

At the end of the day, supplement regimes should be based on your needs. Discuss your plans with an experienced sales associate or your health care provider – some supplements may be contraindicated with specific medications or should be taken at specific times of the day, but you won’t know unless you ask!

~ Sarah S.

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