Summer Fashion Trends We Can’t Wait to Try

While we may be lacking any reason to put on proper clothes right now, never mind our favourite ones, there’s a lot to be said for looking ahead. We’ve got this summer’s fashion trends on our minds and we can’t wait to experiment. Adding a few trendy pieces to your look can add an element of modernity.

Fashion Trend: The Classic Shirt
This timeless item can be worn with jeans or wear layered with a cami. To modernize the look, keep the top buttons undone and add a statement necklace.

Fashion Trend: Shorts with Suits
You typically see a suit jacket with a matching skirt or pants, but how about a pair of shorts? These are super stylish for summer events or even the office.

Fashion Trend: Polka Dots
Polka dots, like the shirt, is timeless in nature. It’s hot for summer and can be worn for all seasons. Wear with a pair of jeans and your favourite accessory.

Fashion Trend: Tropical Paradise
Nothing says summer more than a tropical print, right? Choose to be as loud or as subtle as you want with this trend.

Fashion Trend: Go Bold with Black and White
Is there anything more timeless than the black and white combo? For summer, it’s all about going bold and very monochrome. Add a splash of colour with accessories or shoes to punch up the outfit.

Carol Liu
Carol’s look may be minimalist, and her favourite clothing lines known for simplicity, but she works her role as Marketing Coordinator to the maximum and with her super-power energy. Organized and button-down, Carol rolls up those chic sleeves and gets it done. Throw in a journalism background to keep it real, and a great quick smile to deliver the spin. Which reminds us, she’s fast too. Must be all that running.

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