Spring Skin Renewal for Women

Clear skies and warmer temperatures are on their way! Before you start exposing that beautiful skin, here are my top 3 tips to put your best face forward for Spring.

TIP #1: Get Spring Cosmetic Cleaning!

Go through your drawers and cupboards and throw out your old make-up/skincare products. Products DO have a shelf life and lose their effectiveness over time. Start the season outright with a new cosmetic bag, a fresh foundation, hydrating serum, bronzer, mascara and a new moisturizer (make sure it has an SPF)! Begin to move your moisturizers from heavy creams to lighter creams or lotions. Even the oiliest skins need to moisturize. Ask for an oil-free product, they can be amazing!

TIP #2: Exfoliation of Course!

First, let’s get a thorough exfoliation. A build-up of dry skin will stop your products from absorbing so rid yourself of all that winter dry skin. You can do this treatment at home or make an invigorating “Head to Toe” spa appointment and leave polished. Many treatments are available for all skin types. If you exfoliate at home, you can begin to increase your regime to twice a week, unless you notice redness or sensitivity, then go back to once a week. As the heat rises so will the oil levels of your skin. Start switching over to products that contain more hydrating elements.

TIP #3: Skin Protection can be the REAL Cover-up!

Ideally, you should wear sunscreen year-round, however, most tend to decrease or stop using it in the winter. For day-to-day activity, a foundation that contains SPF is not enough anymore. Dermatologists are recommending a daily application of a minimum SPF 30 starting first thing in the morning. This even applies to days in the car or days with cloudy skies. Another fun way to protect your skin is to purchase a fashionable sun hat! Try and get in the habit of wearing one outside. Look for something broad-rimmed which can protect both face and scalp. If you like to exercise outside, look for a UV protected clothing line.