Ever since my school days, I’ve loved using my laptop for everything from typing documents and creating slides to editing photos and playing games.  Call me old-school but I never saw the appeal of having a smart tablet.  That all changed however when I learned about all the special features of Apple’s newest iPad Pro!

The countless number of apps I can have on this device allows me to complete any task that I would on a laptop . . . and then some, all in a much more intuitive/interactive manner.  Thank goodness for touch screen!  Not to mention, the updated retina display is stunning to look at; it’s the most vivid display yet in terms of brightness and colour vibrancy.  Also, it’s especially amazing that the iPad supports the 120Hz refresh rate making movies and videos look spectacular while making everything else that you do even more responsive.  Last, but certainly not least, the iPad Pro runs on the world’s most advanced mobile operating system iOS, which, as a long-term iPhone fan, I adore.

I still love my MacBook Air (which I mainly chose back in the day for its compactness/lightness) but I’m obsessed with the idea of having an iPad that allows me to do more creative work than I can on my iPhone, yet, is even more compact and easy to carry than my MacBook.  Needless to say, the iPad Pro gives me the best of both worlds.  Bottom line:  not sure if I’ve sold you, but I’ve definitely sold myself!  Wonder if I get a commission . . .

~ Anni Q.

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