Refresh Your Home

Spring is synonymous with re-organizing and refreshing your home (and closet) – hello, Spring cleaning! This is the perfect time to give your space a facelift. An organized space really helps to de-clutter your mind and improve your mood.

By now, everyone’s heard of Marie Kondo and her inspirational “spark joy” organizational tips. Take a page from her book and go through what you currently own.

Start with your closet. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably accumulated a lot of clothing and shoes that you no longer wear. Donate the gently used items to a local women’s centre or a thrift store that supports a local hospital or charity. Then re-organize what you have left. There are so many ways you can organize by – colour, style, season, etc. I like to do it by season (ex., winter, summer) and type (ex., pants, tops, dresses). The key is to organize it in a way that’s easy for you to find everything. One of my fave tips is to have your folded clothes standing upright in the drawer. That way, you can see what’s inside with just a glance (no more digging around and messing up your neatly folded piles).

Move on to the kitchen. Throw out expired items from your fridge, pantry, and cabinets. If you find any non-perishables that you can part with, donate them to the food bank. Then get airtight containers and label everything (bonus tip: include the dates for when it was opened and expiry/best before)!

After all the re-organizing and tidying, you’d want to thoroughly clean your house. There are lots of environmentally friendly cleaners out there that are readily available at your local drugstore or grocery store. You can even clean your coffeemaker and tea kettle with vinegar.

Lastly, add an extra touch with an essential oil diffuser.

For more tips and inspiration, here are a few of my fave home organizational Instagrammers:

Once you start re-organizing one room, you’ll want to re-organize all your rooms (and keep them organized)!

Pauline Cho                                                                                                                    Pauline’s passion for fashion kicked in as a teenager flipping through fashion mags with her friends. And when she clued in to Cher’s closet in Clueless, there was no stopping her – she and her dream shoe and bag collection had found a home. Here at Oakridge, we trust Pauline to be up on all the interesting restaurants in town, the latest movies in the theatre, and always ready to share her intel. Just don’t think of disturbing her when she’s scrolling IG and Pinterest for the coolest makeup and nail inspo!

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