New Year, New Approach

My New Year’s Resolution was to eat healthier. I’ll be honest – it’s a resolution that I make every year, but I’ve never approached it in the same way twice. Last year, I decided to start planning meals in advance and relying on fresh seasonal ingredients. It was time for me to “squash” old habits.

I had never cooked spaghetti squash before, but it had popped up on my Facebook feed more than a couple of times. Walking through Kin’s and I saw a display of spaghetti squash – knowing that I had at least one recipe saved on my laptop, I bought one. That night I made a pasta sauce full of vegetables and ground turkey, and fell in love with spaghetti squash. Since then, I’ve tried six different spaghetti squash recipes. Here’s one of my favourite recipes. It’s become my fall staple and, as an added bonus, each squash makes roughly 6 portions, so I’m set for several lunches throughout the week.

This year, I decided to look into the latest health food trends. My overall goal is to find ways to make healthy eating easier and more convenient, even on my most hectic days.

Personally, a good place to start was finding healthier options for when I’m on the run. It’s no secret that I spend a significant amount of time with a Grande Starbucks cup in my hand, so why not try their new sous-vide egg bites? It’s a convenient option on days when I’m juggling multiple projects at work and only have a few minutes to go down and pick up my mobile order.

One of the biggest trends I’ve noticed online has been the air fryer, available at Hudson’s Bay. I’ll be honest: this appliance is magical. It uses a fan to reduce the amount of oil needed in otherwise greasy foods – that’s great news for my fellow hashbrown lovers! As an added bonus, it reduces the cooking time of most of my favourite meals, from frittatas to baked sweet potatoes, which I might skip otherwise, simply because I don’t have the time to make them. And, when you decide to treat yourself, you can even bake gorgeous lava cakes in it. Excuse me while I go indulge in a cheat day…

~ Sarah S.

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