I opened my very first bank account with Scotiabank roughly 12 years ago and I’ve been banking with them since. Yes, you can say that we go waaaay back! Everything was smooth sailing thereafter as I qualified for Visa cards and a line of credit as well as opened a TFSA (Tax Free Saving Account) and Scotia iTrade account. Under the helpful guidance of my advisor I also managed to repay my entire OSAP loan (woohoo!) and save up for all my travels and of course, my shopping adventures. I’m currently saving to get my own condo sometime in the next couple of years but honestly I’m not sweating it—I know that I’m in good hands with Scotiabank. Are you trying to save enough to buy a condo next door to Oakridge as well? Applying for an Infinite card in advance of your upcoming trip to the world’s top fashion capitals? Need help understanding the concept of “cost per wear”? In any case, these are definitely the people you need to talk to!

~ Anni Q.

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