News flash: The Body Shop recently launched their first ever sensitive-skin body collection—made with almond milk and honey! The assortment of bath and body products in the collection not only helps soothe signs of skin irritation and redness but also leaves skin hydrated and moisturized. Everything is derm-tested (hurray!) as well as natural which means no gobbled gook-y ingredients. Exactly what I like to hear!

Speaking of ingredients, the organic almond milk used in the products is sourced all the way from Manan in Spain, otherwise known as “The Almond Experts”. They use sustainable farming methods and only use broken nuts that can’t be sold for food. In other words, they turn unwanted almond husks into compost to help minimize waste.

As for the honey ingredient, it’s made with nectar of wild flowers that are ethically-sourced from Ethiopia. I’m not honey-coating anything when I say that honey’s antibacterial properties are soooo good for the skin. Not to mention, it also smells fantastically delicious.

I love how the dynamic duo of almond milk and honey works so well together to create something that is both rich in vitamin E and absolutely perfect for dry and sensitive skin (like mine). Best of all, not only does this collection make my skin feel beautiful, I can also feel good knowing that it’s great for the environment and the global community as well. I don’t know about you but I think that’s pretty sweet . . . as sweet as honey!

~ Anni Q.

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