Holiday Instagram Envy

Oakridge Centre has a few Instagrammable moments we want you to capture this holiday season – from our Holiday decor to our Santa set.

Below are our top three photo secrets to make your feed look amazing and picture perfect.

  1. LIGHTING – Try and use natural lighting. If you’re outdoors, an overcast day is BEST to avoid harsh shadows. Remember you can always brighten your photos when you edit. If you’re inside, get close to a window. And whenever possible, snap a photo during dusk or dawn.
  2. GREAT “MOMENTS” – Many venues and attraction sites are cued into the Instagram culture and understand the value of adding a “moment” to your experience to feature on their website or social pages. It doesn’t hurt to do some quick research to see what’s available and what other people are taking photos of. 
  3. EDITING – Less is more when perfecting that perfect photo. Don’t use too many filters. Do use simple edits like colour saturation, warmth, and colour contrast. To get a sense of the edits you made, move between the original version and the edited one.


For inspiration on other Holiday Instagrammable moments found in the City from fashion to the outdoors to entertainment, check out some of the below Vancouverites:

Clayton Perry @vanclayton
Captures vibrant landscapes around the City and is often featured in the Georgia Straight.

Dan Lum@dudelum
Visual storyteller, unique style.

Streek Cheek @streetcheek
Captures Vancouver’s street style in all its glory.

Boomer in Vancouver@boomerinvancouver
For people 50+ to find the latest in food, travel, learning, adventure and fun in Vancouver

~ Bonney Rempel, Senior Marketing Director

Santa Set


Shoe & Purse

Outdoor Trees


Christmas Wreaths

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