Happy Chanukkah

December 22-30, 2019

Chanukkah is the Jewish “Festival of Light” commemorating their victory over a tyrant king and the rededication of the Temple of Jerusalem in 165 BC. As the story goes, a small quantity of oil to light the Temple’s menorah miraculously lasted eight days.

Today, Chanukkah is about spending time with your family and passing on traditions from one generation to the next, including the lighting of a candle on the menorah each night. The Shamesh is the first candle lit and is used to light the other eight candles.

To recognize the importance of this holiday to our surrounding Jewish community, Oakridge Centre displays a giant Menorah and will light a new branch every day.

Festival of Light Celebration
Monday, December 23rd – 4:30PM

A live performance by the Sulam Jewish World Music Ensemble.

In partnership with the Lubavitch Centre of Bristish Columbia, a Menorah Lighting ceremony will be held at 5PM, followed by traditional baked treats and maybe a dreidel or two for you to take home!

POTATO LATKES (make these at home)


    • 4 medium potatoes, peeled or scrubbed (keep in water to prevent browning)
    • 1 medium onion, finely chopped
    • 2 eggs, slightly beaten
    • 1/2 teaspoon salt
    • 1/8 teaspoon pepper
    • 2 – 3 tablespoons matzo meal
    • Oil for frying (use cooking spray for low-fat latkes)
    • Applesauce or sour cream (optional)


    1. Place onion, matzo meal, eggs, salt, pepper, and 1/4 of the potatoes in a food processor. Mix until the vegetables are finely chopped. Add the rest of the potatoes and pulse again until all the potatoes are finely chopped and the mixture is thoroughly combined.
    2. Heat oil in a skillet over medium-high heat. Scoop about 1/4 cup or more (depending on how large you want the latkes) of the potato mixture per latke, and place into the hot oil. Fry each patty until brown and crisp on the bottom, flip, and cook the other side until brown (2 – 3 minutes per side). If the potato mixture doesn’t hold together, stir in more matzo meal (by tablespoonful) until the mixture holds together.
    3. Fry up the rest of the mixture, adding more oil as needed. Place fried latkes on paper towels to drain off excess oil. Sprinkle with more salt to taste (optional). Serve with applesauce or sour cream.

    Bonney Rempel                                                                                                                         A retail expert and a savvy shopper herself, with a keen eye on fashion and all things beauty – from her passion for flower gardening, to her savvy in skin care (she was an aesthetician before all, and it shows), so when it comes to getting and keeping a glow, she’s the one in the know.  Her fashion dictum is “There’s no such thing as being overdressed”.

Tiffany & Co. – Mezuzah, $350
Modern mezuzah in American walnut and sterling silver.

Tiffany & Co. – Star of David Pendant, $1,100
18k gold, 12 mm wide, Star of David pendant on a 16″ chain. Designed by Elsa Peretti.

Papyrus – Chanukah Cards, prices vary
Send Happy Chanukah wishes with this festive card, embellished with holographic foil, 3-dimensional candles design, and gems.

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co.


Crate & Barrel – Embroidered Star of David Napkins
Made of crisp white cotton, each napkin in this set of four is embroidered with a Star of David in one of two shades of blue. Clean yet graphic, the napkins work well with any table decorating scheme, from lavish and traditional to spare and modern.

Crate & Barrel – London Blue Hurricane, starting at $24.95
Deep blue London glass hurricane. Handcrafted with a straight-sided silhouette on a short pedestal base.

Purdys Chocolatier – Star of David Lolly (30 g), $2.50 each
Crafted from creamy milk chocolate. Kosher-certified.

Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel

Purdys Chocolatier

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