Getting Around the Property by Car

ENTERING: Travelling Northbound on Cambie Street and turning left on 45th Avenue may improve your travel time; however, delays are still expected. Entrance #3 (Cambie St.) and #5 (45th Ave) are OPEN.

EXITING: Exit down the parkade to Entrance #3 (Cambie St.) to travel southbound on Cambie OR via rooftop to Entrance #5 (45th Ave).

Southbound Cambie Street:

Ongoing until early 2021 – Southbound Cambie Street lane reduction for City of Vancouver storm and sewer upgrades.

Entrance #3 / Cambie Street: 

NOW OPEN Entrance #3 (Cambie St.)

Entrance #4 / Cambie Street:

CLOSED Entrance #4 (Cambie St.) is permanently closed. Use Entrance #3 (Cambie St.) and #5 (45th Ave) to enter/exit the property.

Entrance #5 / 45th Avenue:

NOW OPEN Entrance #5 (45th Ave) is now open.

P5 Rooftop:

Effective Friday, November 6th – Closure of a portion of the P5 Rooftop outside the third floor South Tower Medical Building. Customer entrance and parking remain in the green zone as indicated here.

Effective Monday, November 9th – Closure of the east-west connection on the rooftop. This means vehicular access to Crate & Barrel and South Tower Medical is only available via Entrance # 3 (Cambie St and 42nd Ave). Access to Hudson Bay is available via Entrance # 3 to the rooftop (in green) or via W.45th Ave (in blue). Click here for more details.

Please click here to see the site plan capturing all the closures.

Please refer to the “Shops & Services Directory” section of our website to see what shops are open.