I recently visited Mexico City and Orlando on my first getaway this year. Honestly, it was one of the best trips of my life! Amazing travel buddy (aka the boyfriend), beautiful sceneries and Summer-like weather . . . what more can I ask for? The only hiccup was when my makeup bag got semi-soaked by my boyfriend’s shaving cream that leaked in our toiletry bag. The bad news is now I have to replace some of my beauty items. The good news is . . . well, I get to do some shopping!

With a trip to Barcelona and Ibiza around the corner, I decided that it’s the perfect opportunity to pick up some makeup essentials to get me through all those hot and humid days in style. To my delight, the latest Fruity Juicy collection from MAC Cosmetics made its debut in-store today . . . talk about perfect timing! This limited-edition collection, inspired by the tropics, is making me go bananas with its stunning packaging in juicy prints and ultra-vibrant colours. The full assortment includes bronzing powders, lipsticks, eye shadow palettes, brushes and more. Not only does everything look so beautiful, they will make me look and feel stunning as well! Among my faves . . . the Fruity Pearlmatte Face Powder in Oh My, Passion is the apple of my eye from the collection: this pressed powder is shaped to look like a cluster of flowers! Another favourite of mine has to be the coconut-scented Prep + Prime spray which is perfect for keeping my skin refreshed during my eight hour flight. There’s just something so delish about the smell of coconuts if you ask me. (Pssst!  The bottle is 100ml which means it’s carry-on safe!) Bottom line: if you asked me to cherry pick my Summer makeup essential, my answer would have be everything from the Juicy Fruity collection!

~ Anni Q.

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