Flower Power

How many women can resist flowers? Their charm is historical — from the printed peonies on silk in 900 AD China to the 16th Century tulips of Persia designed in velvet — floral has defined us for centuries.

During the Victorian era, each flower represented something specific and could send messages of affection, interest, and love. This created a language of flowers that they wouldn’t dare speak out loud.

A white chrysanthemum represented truth, and a red one symbolized love. Many painters would also use floral language in their works. Every flower added a still life or a portrait would give the viewer a deeper insight into the meaning of artwork.

Carnation – Woman’s love
Daffodil – Regard
Hyacinth – Playfulness
Hydrangea – Gratitude
Lilac – First emotions of love
Lily – Purity
Peony – Compassion
Roses – Red is Love; Yellow is Friendship; Pink is Elegance; Orange is Passion
Sunflower – Adoration and dedication
Tulip – Declaration of love

Bonney Rempel                                                                                                                         A retail expert and a savvy shopper herself, with a keen eye on fashion and all things beauty – from her passion for flower gardening, to her savvy in skin care (she was an aesthetician before all, and it shows), so when it comes to getting and keeping a glow, she’s the one in the know.  Her fashion dictum is “There’s no such thing as being overdressed”.

Coach – Charlie Carryall in Meadow Prairie Print                                                                                                       A study in everyday style, this leather carryall is spacious in design and lightweight in feel.

ECCO – Soft 8 Women’s Sneaker in Rose Dust                                                                                                          Comfortable and hard-wearing leather sneaker with a flexible rubber sole. 

Blue Ruby – Large Botanical Necklace by Catherine Weitzman                                                                            The natural beauty of an alpine meadow is captured in this two-sided handmade display of dried flowers in a glass chamber. 



Blue Ruby

Blubird – Zimmermann Espionage Ruffle Wrap Dress in Garden Bloom                                                                 A silk wrap mini dress featuring a gathered ruffle design, asymmetrical tiered skirt, and removable waist and neck tie.  

L’Occitane – Eau de Toilette in Cherry Blossom                                                                                                      This floral, fruity fragrance will transport you to the cherry tree dotted hillsides of southern France with its delicate and fresh scent. 

Swarovski – Orchid                                                                                                                                               Bring timeless sparkle with this impressive orchid design. A symbol of beauty, elegance, and grace. 




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