What To Expect February 1 – February 28

Parking Lot Closures:

Starting January 28, 2019, North Tower parking will be closed on all Levels P1, P2, P3, P4 (west side) and Rooftop (west side). W. 41st entrances and ramps will remain open. North Tower customers will be re-directed through to the South Tower entrances to access. All levels will be completely blocked off.

An area of P1, underneath the GAP, will be closed permanently for structural upgrades.

Please be advised:

Starting February 4th, the pedestrian bridge near Safeway to will be removed, causing closures to roadway (ongoing). Customers can divert through P1 or 41st to access.

February 4th – February 8th – EV Charging stations on P1 will be re-located to nearby stalls. Charging stations will be available during this time.

Stairs and ramp off Cambie (by the food court) are now closed as we build a new entrance to the shopping centre. We expect it to re-open August 2019. For accessibility, please reroute through White Spot entrance/Canada Line Plaza to access Cambie Street.

Starting February 19th, we will continue our tree removal process along 41st Avenue. The main work will be separated into 4 days.

Day 1 & 2: Anyone entering Oakridge Centre on 41st to the Office Tower parking will not be able to access to the Bay’s surface parking lot.

Day 3 & 4: The perimeter expands to include a complete closure of the Office Tower access off 41st Avenue. During these days, customers can access the Office Tower off of the ramp west of The Bay.

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Starting February 25th, the underpass to exit to westbound on 41st will be permanently closed to allow for utility upgrades. Left-hand turns onto Cambie available at 45th.

In addition, we will be creating a new entrance into the parking lot off of 41st Avenue. There will be an approximate 2-week closure of the sidewalk. Pedestrians will be rerouted at Heather Street.

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Starting Februay 27th, the Cambie Street entrance middle lane to Parking Level 1 (P1) will be closed until November. Customers can use far right lane to access the parking areas. Outbound ramp to Cambie Street will remain open. The Carwash exit ramp will also be closed. Customers will need to exit from the Carwash entrance.

Additionally, from the week of February 27th, a section of the Rooftop Parking (P5) parallel to Cambie Street will be closed to both pedestrians and cars. Traffic will be redirected.  Please see map for location.



Please click here to see the maps.

Please refer to the “Where To Shop” section of our website for the most current store openings and re-locations.