Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day

Every April brings another opportunity for businesses and individuals to celebrate their administrative hero through Administrative Professionals Day.

Did you know that National Professional Secretaries Week and National Secretary’s Day was created in 1952 due to a demand for skilled administrative personnel? Harry F. Klemfuss, a publicist and champion of secretaries, recognized the value of the secretarial position, to a company or business and to management. Using his experience in public relations, Klemfuss, promoted the importance of the job that secretaries do.

The name has changed and evolved over the decades. In 1952, the official period of celebration was held June 1–7, with June 4, designated as National Secretaries Day. It was in 1955 when the observance date of National Secretaries Week was moved to the last full week of April. In 1981 the name was changed to Professional Secretaries Week, and became Administrative Professionals Week in 2000 to recognize the expanding responsibilities and job titles of administrative support staff. While females still make up a dominant percentage of admin staff, males have been on the rise in admin roles due to technology advances, teamwork, project management, and more.

Spread some office cheer by appreciating those individuals whose multi-tasking manoeuvers make your office run smoothly.

Recognize your Administrative Professional with these five ideas:

  1. Say it with Flowers – a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers can brighten anyone’s day.
  2. Give Them a Personal Card – Cards are underrated. Put something thoughtful and personal inside.
  3. Take Them to Lunch – Everyone likes free lunch, especially if they get to choose the location.
  4. Give an Oakridge Gift Card –  The Oakridge gift card can be used at over 100 retailers.
  5. Take a break – Give them the afternoon, or the whole day, off. Your admins will be grateful for the unexpected free time, and may be doubly productive when they come in the next day.

Carol Liu
Carol’s look may be minimalist, and her favorite clothing lines known for simplicity, but she works her role as Marketing Coordinator to the maximum and with her super-power energy. Organized and button down, Carol rolls up those chic sleeves and gets it done. Throw in a journalism background to keep it real, and a great quick smile to deliver the spin. Which reminds us, she’s fast too. Must be all that running.


Oakridge Gift Card What better way to treat your admin than a shopping spree to their favourite retailers. Minimum $20. 

Safeway A plant or flowers are a great long-lasting gift that brightens up any office space. They’re thoughtful and smell great. Prices vary. 

Tiffany & Co. Get them something that will last a lifetime and stand out from the rest of their office supplies. Get it engraved to make it that much more special. Blue Band Purse Pen, $210.

Oakridge Gift Card



DavidsTea For the matcha loving assistant. New tumbler accessories. $25. 

White Spot Treat your Admin Professional to lunch and win boss of the year. Prices vary. 

Papyrus Cards can be personal and are a great way to show someone you appreciate and care about them. Prices vary. 


White Spot


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