Paper Couture Exhibition

One voter will be selected at random to win a $500 Oakridge shopping spree (Congrats to Natalie van Apeldoorn).
The student whose creation gets the most votes will be awarded a $500 bursary (Congrats to Patricia Lin).


For the sixth year in a row, Paper Couture is back! Langara College’s Design Formation Program will be showcasing 24 paper-made gowns handcrafted by Langara students. The dresses are made from recycled craft paper, coffee filters, cardboard, string, thumbtacks, and other raw materials. The handcrafted paper haute couture will be on display from April 24 – May 12, 2019.

The Design Formation Program at Langara College merges the design disciplines of spatial formation and communication design. This challenging area of design bridges architecture, industrial design, interior design, and graphic design. Students become familiar with a wide-ranging skill set that can be applied to everything from retail display to exhibit design to environmental graphic design, or as a basis for further study in design.

In designing the Paper Couture gowns, the students used their knowledge of design history, contemporary trends, materials, and technology. In addition, students used their sketching, drafting, model making, computer software, and fabrication skills to transform ordinary brown paper into haute couture.


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