This year, I vowed to buy less but do more with it. To that end, I love the concept of a “capsule collection” that includes versatile, go-with-lots-of-things pieces. To that end, what are your thoughts on a capsule collection for Spring? -Maria

At Judith & Charles, we have always found beauty in quality rather than quantity and I think our customers appreciate and trust that. In a competitive industry where options are endless, we choose to offer a simplified experience and a collection tailored to the needs of women today. Our word of advice would be to stay true to your personal style, find exactly what defines it and master that.

This season, we launched our second Athleisure Capsule Collection and we think that it would be the perfect fit to elevate your Spring wardrobe. Designed to be effortlessly cool, our capsule combines comfort, function and style. Just like every Judith & Charles collection, this one showcases deliberate fusion and contrast: feminine softness and strength are integrated with the inspiration of well-structured menswear.

The instinct to design and manufacture 90 per cent of the collection locally means we have full control over our production, pushing our strongest assets of fit and quality to the forefront. This control simplifies our customer shopping experience: once you know your size, you know the pieces will consistently fit. It also allows our design team to allocate more time to developing and refining each piece—striving to satisfy our client’s need for style and wearability. In other words, our designs are definitely timeless classics which, “go-with-lots-of-things”.

We hope you enjoy our capsule collection!








The origin of Judith & Charles is a classic tale of girl meets boy and another of life’s enduring themes: sometimes great things happen when you least expect them. He was a charming Frenchman with an undeniable joie de vivre and entrepreneurial spirit. She was a talented young woman with an instinctive eye for fashion that combined both artistry and function. Their chance meeting on a Caribbean island set the story of Judith & Charles in motion.

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