7 Virtual Engagement Party Ideas

If you recently got engaged (congrats!), you might be having a tough time figuring out the best way to celebrate this exciting time in your life during the current pandemic. Luckily, you can host a virtual engagement party.

Through digital platforms like Zoom or Houseparty, couples can now host an engagement party from home, and invite their friends and family. Even loved ones who live across the country—or the world—are now able to partake in the celebration.

Hosting a virtual party is easier than hosting an in-person one, it still requires some careful planning. Here’s what you need to know before hosting your own virtual engagement party.

If you’ve been on any large Zoom calls lately, then you know how overwhelming it can be with people talking over each other. If you want your guests to connect and chat with each other, consider limiting your guest list. And remember, who you invite to your virtual engagement party you will need to invite to your wedding.

Still send an actual invitation to your guests so they know all the details for the celebration. Also, your friends may want to help you plan and prepare given our current times.

Although you and your guests can’t physically sit down and enjoy a meal together, you can still do it virtually. Create a menu and encourage guests to make something easy.

Up the celebration and send your guests at-home party decorations like a banner they can hang up as their backdrop or even party hats. It’ll make for  beautiful screenshots you can share with your guests.

Set an agenda for your guests so the party doesn’t turn into chaos with people talking over others. You can do roll call or a simple check-in with guests and ask each guest to give an update on life. Or get guests to find an object or moment in life that reminds them of a special memory of you. Make sure everyone is included.

If gifts are given to you, do one of two things.  One, have guests open the gifts they’ve wrapped on your behalf. Or second, ask guests to mail them to your so you can open them on the call.

Record, record, record! Make sure someone (whether it’s you or a family member) is recording the party to capture this moment. Whichever service you’re using to record, make sure you tested it out before the actual event. Once the party is over, don’t forget to send it to your guests to relive the fun.


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