5 Winter Skin Saviour Tips

I am not sure if this is a Polar Vortex or just simply a Canadian winter. Like every year, this can be a very harsh season on the skin. From skin flaking off your lips to an entirely wind chapped red face!

#1 HYDRATE  My absolute favourite thing to do before I go to bed at night is to add a moisture boost onto my skin to keep things hydrated for the morning. Sometimes it’s in the form of an oil-free gel; other times, it’s a leave-on moisturizing mask. A great way to make the fine lines go away!


I cannot describe my love for Clinique’s “Moisture Surge Overnight Mask”.  What started as a single hydrator has expanded into a small product line.  It is fragrance and oil free, and has a beautiful rich texture that nourishes while you sleep. This is a must have.

Clinique, $47


#2 EXFOLIATION  Although the skin feels dry and itchy, some mild exfoliation will remove dry skin and allow your natural oils to come to the surface. It also allows the other products you are using to absorb better. I prefer a granular product, but many people are turning to natural acids.


This is my pick for a gentle scrub.  Its texture is creamy and non-sticky. The granules are fine and made from dried plant fibres.  Wonderful way to prepare the skin and maximize the benefits of both your serum and moisturizer.

L’Occitane, $49


#3 SERUMS  I have been a fan of serums since the beginning. Lots of people ask me, “Isn’t a good moisturizer enough?” Serums can hold that moisturizer at the surface longer – find one that’s a hydrator. They keep the skin softer, longer.


Serums have always been a luxe item – you will need to treat yourself. This piece of heaven fills the skin with intense hydration and re-plumps it. It contains high and low molecular-weight hyaluronic acid. A-mazing.

La Maison Valmont, $370



#4 MOISTURIZE  Inside and out! Yes, whether it’s in the blazing sun or the freezing cold, drink at least 6 glasses of water per day! I recommend using a heavier moisturizer for the winter. There are three kinds: Humectants that attract and hold water, Emollients that soften the skin, and Occlusives that block the water in your skin from evaporating. Most moisturizers have a combination of all three.


This is a great daily moisturizer for the winter months as it also helps maintain hydration. It’s great for normal to dry skin, and helps wake-up the skin’s natural moisture mechanisms.

Murale, $78



#5 LIPS  Is there anything worse than dry skin messing up the look of your new Dior lipstick? Try and find a protective lip balm that actually works. Two things you can use: a specific lip exfoliant first and then follow up with the protectant. Lots of balms are great for summer but don’t stand a chance in the winter.


Dry lip skin be gone! This self-vanishing, exfoliating lip balm comes in a few colours.  It uses grains of sugar to soften the lips and remove dry skin; plus, it softens and hydrates!

MAC, $19 (or purchase in a combo with lip primer and gloss combo for $47.50)


~ Bonney Rempel, Senior Marketing Director


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